Victoria Organic Delivery Aims to Satisfy and Delight Customers

Our customers are the most important stakeholder in our business and we go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy and delight our customers. Victoria Organic Delivery is made up with an enthusiastic and dedicated team who strive to meet or exceed your expectations. We guarantee 100% satisfaction on our fresh produce or your money will be refunded.

Below are some testimonials from our customers.


THANK YOU for a wonderful service…..

I am a farm girl originally and we used to grow our own vegies, I had forgotten just how good organically grown, pesticide free fruit and vegies taste – Apples that taste so sweet and crunchy – such joy!!!!! I also get eggs delivered and I haven’t seen such gorgeous yellow yolks since we used to collect our own eggs as kids, another unexpected joy!!!!

My cooking has become more diverse; not knowing what I am going to get each week makes for a pleasant surprise and some adventurous meals!!!!!

Lastly, my son  plays with the empty box for about an hour every Friday afternoon, keeps him out from under my feet whilst I get dinner ready.


Jodi M. – Boronia

Yes you have converted me!

The fantastic taste that your fresh fruit and veg have, remind me of what food used to taste and smell like in the good old days. How good to bit into a tomato that tastes like a tomato and to munch on a carrot that actually has taste.

The mushroom omelette made with the organic eggs and your fabulous mushies was fantastic and the pumpkin was delightful.

It tastes so good, are you sure its good for me?

The convenience of home delivery is such fun, its like getting a birthday present every Friday.


Keep up the good work…

Sheldon L. – Templestowe


Thank you for providing a terrific service of organic fruit & veg. I have been amazed at how long the products last and this wonderful fresh smell and delicious taste which I had forgotten!

It has also been a terrific surprise to see that the fruit & veg also look good and appetising. Thank you for tuning our taste buds again.

Karina L. – Thomastown


We started in November of last year and are now regulars and very pleased. The quality is exceptional and having a delivery to the front door really has sold us forever.

We have several local organic suppliers here in Elwood which we use occasionally. Neither of these suppliers provides the quality and service that we enjoy from you.

We are happy to pay that little extra for guaranteed quality every time and also we have found that your true organic products last longer so again we are winners.  We no longer need to throw out food stuffs from the fridge that has gone off.

Thanks, to The staff for providing us with exceptionally high standard of products every time.

This thanks also goes to the delivery man who brings the box to the front door.

Kate R. – Elwood


There is no need to fit the shopping time into my busy schedule. It is all done for me. The best part, the food is always crispy, fresh and yummy.


Elizabeth T. – Brighton


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