Greenline commenced its life as a farm gate operation selling fresh organic produce to the organic community.   Greenline was growing and selling their own produce, thus being one of the very first organic retail operations in Victoria.

Word quickly spread and many more in the Community wanted access to the great organic produce that Greenline had to offer.  The decision was then made to commence home delivery and in 1993, Greenline made their very first Melbourne Organic home deliveries.  This gave all of Melbourne access to great organic produce straight to their home.  Demand was strong from the start and Greenline continued to expand its delivery network to include Outer Melbourne and Country areas.

The passion has and has always been at Greenline to give the people of Victoria access to great organic produce.  This principle has driven Greenline from day 1 and continues to be.  Organic produce is what Greenline is about and believes in.  The range has expanded to now include groceries as well as fresh produce but the principals remain the same – Organic is the way!

Greenline did go through a name change in 2011 to Victoria Organic Delivery, but this now being the 21st year of business we have decided to “go back to our roots” and return to the great name Greenline Organic that the business was founded on.  You will see a lot more of this in the coming weeks as we start the transition “back to our roots”!

We are so proud of our history and our great name and we are honoured to share this with all of you!  We were the first home delivery business with strong principles and beliefs in the benefits in organic and environmentally sustainable products and our passion continues to make this accessible to all!  We love our Greenline Organic community!

A new website with improved functionality and look is coming soon.  You will still be taken care of by the same great team and enjoy the same great experience!




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