Organic food is food that is grown the way nature intended. You can be confident when you order organic food from Victoria Organic Delivery that your food has grown naturally, in nutrient dense soils and without the use of chemical fertilizers, genetic engineering (GE) or harmful pesticides. Organic farming techniques produce a higher nutrient and flavour content in our food, avoids chemical intake and exposure, rebuilds and protects our fragile environment and enriches the health of the consumer. As a certified organic trader our stock, internal systems, producers, records and our suppliers are all checked at least once a year to ensure we are complying with all the rules and principles of organics so that your food is not compromised.



Superior nutritional content.

Organic food is produced as nature intended. Crops and livestock are grown and reared naturally, at their own pace, without artificial fertilisers, synthetic pesticides, chemical feeds, growth promotion drugs or routine antibiotics. Because organic produce is allowed to develop more slowly, it generally contains less water and more solid matter, which means more nutrients and more flavour. On the other hand, non-organic (conventional) food is allowed to be sprayed with a variety of pesticides and chemicals which are banned in certified organic farms. Non-organic fruit and vegetables are often feed chemical formulas which force them to grow quickly even in inferior soil and climate conditions. Meaning these fruit and vegetables do not have enough time to mature naturally and develop their full nutritional potential. Another common practice which compromises the nutrient content of non-organic produce even further is the use of preservatives to increase the storage and shelf life of the product. Preservatives will increase the shelf life of a fruit or vegetable but they are not able to increase the life of the nutritional content.



Rebuild and support our fragile environment.

Intensive farming exhausts the soil, depleting the natural minerals and trace elements essential for nutrient-rich food. Organic means the fruit and vegetables delivered to your home are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. The quality of soil, animal welfare and a balanced and healthy ecosystem are crucial in producing wholesome organic produce. Organic and Biodynamic farmers rely on building and maintaining healthy, fertile soil and a naturally balanced ecosystem using multiple farming methods such as crop rotation, companion planting, animal rearing to build and maintain healthy soils.


Victoria Organic Delivery supports local Victorian and Australian organic farmers who are helping to repair and sustain our soils, waterways and fragile environment by using long term farming solutions that support the natural ecosystems. By choosing to order certified organic food from Victoria Organic Delivery you are supporting our fragile environment, encouraging farmers to look to better ways to grow their crops, and giving yourself and your family a delicious and healthy diet

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